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WE Clark & Sons Masonry

The roots of CBM Construction Co., Inc. date back to 1922 when W.E. Clark, great grandfather of the current CEO, Clark B. McGlothin, began his masonry business. This successful enterprise operated for more than 78 years before the expansion process that led to the formation of CBM Construction in North Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1976, the CBM staff consisted of just three individuals. Today, we have 24 employees, some of whom have been with us for as long as 20 years. Our philosophy is to provide the highest degree of personalized customer service. Each CBM employee is accessible to service any customer’s needs—no matter if that service is on a working project or a warranty request. We don’t keep you waiting if there’s warranty work to be done, in fact, we love to get your warranty call.

"Why pay more to get less, slower?"

Clark McGlothin - CEO

CBM Testimonials

CBM Testimonials

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